Mad Scientist Club-Playdough!

For Mad Scientist Club this month we made two different kinds of playdough.  This program is for K-2nd graders and I learned that using shaving cream with that age group is very very messy! 🙂  It was a lot of fun though so it was worth the hours of clean up!

For the cookable playdough we laid out all the ingredients on the table and let each child get a chance to touch and feel what each ingredient felt like.  That way they could later compare how the finished product was similar or not similar to the ingredients.  We combined all the (untouched) ingredients and cooked the playdough on a hot plate as the children were feeling each ingredient.  The playdough will be warm or hot so be careful before giving to the group.  After the kids got to play with their playdough for a bit I started the second playdough recipe.

The second recipe was an easy and quick one, I thought.  It only requires shaving cream, cornstarch, and food coloring if you want it to be colorful.  I had the kids put the ingredients into the bowl for me and I mixed it up.  The problem with the shaving cream playdough is that it is not as moldable and pliable as the cookable playdough.  You have to be more careful with it.  I got the lesson across though that the shaving cream playdough was less dense and not as easy to play with and the cook-able playdough was more dense and very easy to make things with it.

Just be prepared for clean up if you do this project.  🙂 In July we are making candy ROCKS !

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