Toddler Storytime: MONSTERS!


Today’s theme was MONSTERS for my toddler story time! At first the little ones were scared of monsters but I changed that throughout our story time 🙂

The Plan:

1.) Hello song with Lamb Chop

2.) Book One: Monsters Love Colors

3.) Flannel Board: Bedtime for Hiding Monsters

4.) Book Two: Even Monsters Say Goodnight

5.) “Horns, Fangs, Knees, and Claws” Rhyme

6.) Book Three: Go Away Big Green Monster with flannel board

7.) “10 Little Monsters” Rhyme with Flannel Board

8.) Book Four: Tickle Monster with flannel board

9.) Goodbye song and Lamb Chop Hugs


Book One was a great one because it got the kids to learn all about COLORS 🙂  First it talks about what each monster’s favorite color is and then goes into how to make different colors.  My group identified all the colors and some even knew what colors to mix to get a new color.  It is a great book for monster theme but mostly for color themed story times!

The kids seemed to have the wiggles so we did a movement activity.

“Monster, Monster, stand up.

Monster, Monster, turn around.

Monster, Monster, raise your arms way up

Monster, Monster, put your hands on your belly

Monster, Monster, put your hands on your hand,

Monster, Monster, sit down please.”

For this activity you could make up whatever actions you want so it can be a spur of the moment activity you can pull out of your hat.


Next I did a Bedtime for Monsters flannel board.  When all of the kids closed their eyes I hid all of the little monsters who didn’t want to go to bed in the items on the board.  I had a shower, trash can, couch, dog, and cookie jar.  The kids got to pick where they thought the monsters were hiding and come up and put the monsters to bed.  If you have a large group you could have more items on the flannel board or have multiple times of going through hiding the monsters that way everyone gets a turn.  This activity led well into my next book.


This was a great book because it made it so that monsters were just like you and me.  Avery is having trouble going to sleep because she has MANY questions about monsters and their bedtimes.  The kids loved seeing the different monsters and it made it so that monsters weren’t as scary as before.

Then I did a fun rhyme to the tune of head, shoulders, knees, and toes, but changed for the monsters theme!

“Horns, fangs, knees, and claws, knees and claws.

Horns, fangs, knees, and claws, knees and claws.

Eyes, Ears, Tail, and paws.

Horns, fangs, knees, and claws, knees and, claws.”

I first taught the motions of this rhyme so that the kids would know what movements to do with me and then I did the rhyme probably five times to get them comfortable with it.  The kids really liked this one and it got them up and moving around.

Next I did a fun book and a flannel board to go with it.  This book was great to get the kids to not be afraid of monsters because they got to deconstruct the BIG GREEN MONSTER.  As I read the book, each page has a different part of the monster that is taken away.  So, each child got to come up and take away the piece that was said.  It was a lot of fun!


We did a rhyme to the tune of 10 Little Indians but instead it was 10 Little Monsters.  I sang the rhyme 3 times, then put up the monsters to the tune, and then we all sang together twice.  It was nice to have a visual for the kids because it kept them involved.   Also as we sang the kids followed my movements to put up each finger as we counted.

“1 little, 2 little, 3 little monsters.

4 little, 5 little, 6 little monsters.

7 little, 8 little, 9 little monsters.

10 monsters don’t scare me!”

The last book that we did was, “Tickle Monster”, which is a fun book to make kids, again, not be scared of monsters.  As you read the book you tickle each part of the monster until it shows you a new picture….


BEST BOOK AND FLANNEL BOARD EVER!  The kids love it when all the sudden they see a real picture from what was a monster.  I had the kids come up individually and tickle each part that came up.  This made it so that they themselves were making it so that the monster wasn’t scary anymore!

Lastly we did our goodbye song and everyone hugged lamb chop goodbye.  After story time I set up blocks for the kids to play with and they are allowed to play with any of the flannel boards we have used during story time (with my supervision).  Come check out the fun next week, the theme is BEST FRIENDS!

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  1. Charlene

    Great job once again! Your story times are so full of activities – reading, rhymes, exercises, and lots of “tell, show, do”s. As someone who has worked with a group of children, I know how talented, knowledgeable, and spontaneous one must be to successfully read and flow with a group of children and their ever changing levels of attention and energy. Nice work!

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