Rockin’ Readers-Hug Your Cat Day

In my Rockin’ Readers program, for grades K-2nd right after school, we had the Hug Your Cat Day theme and it was the cat’s meeeoww!

The Plan

1.) Book One: My Cat, the Silliest Cat in the World

2.) Book Two: It’s All About Me-ow

3.) Book Three: How Do Dinosaurs Love Their Cats

4.) Craft- Paper Plate Cat Mask

5.) Game- CAT BINGO

6.) Book Four: If You Give a Cat a Cupcake

7.) Book Five: Cat Up a Tree

RRbook2Book One: My Cat, the Silliest Cat in the World.  The kids really liked this book but seemed very confused the whole time about why was the author calling the elephant a cat.  I think they were morally concerned that the author really didn’t realize that the elephant was a cat. As the story went on though half of the group convinced the other half of the group that the book was meant to be funny!

RRbook1Book Two: It’s All About Me-Ow.  This is one of my favorite books being a cat lover myself. It is hilarious but also very educational because it tells you about cats in history and how they ended up becoming a part of our households around the globe.  BUT.  This book was kind of hard to use as a story time book.  It has tons and tons of little print and fun facts that are hard to share out to a large group.  I made my own revisions by reading some and not reading other parts. So I would recommend this for parents to read with their kids at night for a laugh, but maybe not for a large group setting.

                                                                 RRbook3                                                                                                        Book Three: How Do Dinosaurs Love Their Cats?

This was a last minute addition.  It is an adorable little board book that I thought the kids would get a hoot out of…they did! “DINOSAURS DON’T HAVE CATS”, they yelled!  As we read the story the kids were proven wrong 🙂 Dinosaurs definitely have cats.

RRcraft Next we had craft time and we all made out own cat paper plate masks.  I traced out the ears and the kids cut out the ear shapes right from the paper plate.  Instead of string we attached a popsicle stick to the bottom so that they could use it by holding it in front of their face.  We advised them not to walk around with it because there were no holes for the eyes.
We drew eyes on instead of cutting them out because it was hard for me to cut out the eyes so we decided it would take too much time for the short time that we have.  The kids were very excited to have their very own mask.  One of the boys insisted on making a dog mask because he was a dog fan and not a cat fan:)

RRgameAfter craft time we played CAT BINGO.  This was an awesome bingo game because it taught the kids the different breeds of cats that there are.  It was fun and easy to do.  Here is the attachment so that you can easily print out the bingo sheets and be ready to go 🙂

cat bingo

After the game we got our snack of gold fish, because cats eat fish one of the kids told me:)  We settled down for our last two books.





Book Four: If You Give a Cat a Cupcake.  These are always a fan favorite when I bring them out for Rockin’ Readers or Toddler Storytimes.  The kids loved this story and were able to tell me what was coming up next 🙂





Lastly.  Book Five: Cat Up a Tree.  The kids really liked this book as well because they started to guess how many cats would be in the tree next.



Overall, it was a great Rockin’ Readers program.  I would suggest that you know which cats to call in Bingo in order to get a Bingo in a timely fashion if you are short on time.  We almost went over time due to that.  I had to start to check their boards and pick the cats not so randomly 🙂  Come check out the fun we will be having next week with a special musical program!





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