Movie and a Craft-Norm of the North

‘Norm of the North’ was the movie for this month’s K-5th Movie and a Craft program.  We had a polar bear craft out of clay that the kids really enjoyed making and they turned out so cute:)!

Polar Bear Craft


I did this craft step by step with the kids from watching a youtube.  Making a polar bear is harder than it looks!! I used Crayola modeling clay to make this cutie.  My biggest tip to you is that with modeling clay like this it sticks together as soon as it touching down on another piece of clay.  So be aware and make sure your kids are aware to be strategic when they are placing down their pieces or they may have to start all over and this can be very frusterating!!


After we had the polar bear all rolled out and put together we used sharpie to add some features to make him look like a true polar bear!  This modeling clay has to sit out for a while before it becomes completely hard.  Make sure to let parents know when they pick up their child that the kids shouldn’t play with their polar bear so that it can harden correctly overnight.

norm of the north


After the craft the kids watched ‘Norm of the North’ and loved it! Overall it was a great Movie and a Craft program 🙂

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