World Turtle Day-Toddler Storytime

It’s World Turtle Day today, Dude 🙂


Today’s story time theme was World Turtle Day, and it was a blast! Here’s what the plan was:

1.)Lamb Chop Puppet Hello

2.)Welcome Song

3.)Book One

4.) Turtle Puppet and Rhyme

5.) Book Two with interactive flannel board (LOTS OF FUN!)

6.) Tiny Tim Rhyme with Turtle ASL sign

7.) Book Three

8.) Five Little Turtles Flannel Board

9.) Goodbye Song

10.) Lamb Chop says and hugs goodbye

I do the same kind of schedule every week just so that the kids become comfortable with story time by being familiar with what activities we do and when.  I start off by bringing my lamb chop puppet out and we all sing the welcome song, which is in my first postings about story time.  Then I tell the kids that lamp chop is sleeping,  we all do the sleeping sign, and then she goes into the magical story time bag to take a nap.


My first book I read was “Turtle Island” by Kevin Sherry. This book was great because there was only a few words on each page and lots of different animals.  I was able to get the kids to talk through the book by telling me what animals were on each page and what each animal was doing.  Fewer words to the page is key for my story times because the kids go more for singing and activities.

Then I took out my turtle puppet, which is pictured in the beginning of this post, and I told his story through a rhyme from  Jbrary‘s Youtube Page.  We went through it three times and the kids loved it! I do the same motions as  Jbrary did in their youtube video.

“There was a little Turtle, who lived in a box, he swam in ponds, and he climbed on rocks.  He snapped at the mosquito.  He snapped at the flea.  He snapped at the minnow and he snapped at ME!  He caught the mosquito.  He caught that flea.  He caught that minnow, but he didn’t catch me!”


My favorite books to do during toddler story time are counting books and this one ROCKED! We start off with ten turtles and each page has a different animal that comes out that scares away one turtle at a time.  So it’s a great counting book but it is also a great introduction to different animals for the kids.  I made an interactive flannel board to go along with it so that the kids would get more out of it.


With this flannel board I had all ten turtles up on the board and each child got an animal.  I had more than eight kids so the others got turtles.  The kids with turtles brought them all up to the board as soon as I started off the story and the kids with an animal came up one at a time as the story went on.  I made my turtles out of felt, goggly eyes, hot glue, and permanent marker.  They were a hit 🙂 I let the kids play with all of my flannel boards when story time is over as well so they play together and learn sharing.

Next I taught the kids the ASL sign for turtle and we did the Tiny Tim Rhyme, which is also found on Jbrary‘s youtube site.

“I had a little turtle, his name is Tiny Tim.  I put him in the bathtub to see if he could swim.  He drank up all the water, he ate up all the soap.  Now he’s home sick in bed with bubbles in his throat.  Bubble Bubble Bubble, Bubble Bubble POP.  Bubble Bubble Bubble, Bubble Bubble POP!”

We got up to reading three books which was great.  The third book was “Emma’s Turtle” by: Eve Bunting.  This is a very cute book but I shortened it as I read it because the kids were getting antsy.


My second flannel board activity was “Five Little Turtles”.  I changed it up though by singing the Five Little Monkeys rhyme but changing monkey to turtle.  The kids were laughing so hard because of the change up.  It was a ball! As the rhyme went on I took down one turtle at a time and reiterated how many turtles were left before we continued with the rhyme.


Lastly we sang our Goodbye Song and Lamb Chop came out and gave everyone hugs goodbye.  All of the kids love that she hugs them goodbye! It’s a huge hit.  Next week is HUG YOUR CAT day! Come back soon 🙂


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  1. Charlene

    This is amazing! I love all your ideas, your descriptions, and your pictures. I can feel the fun you all had. Beautiful turtles, gorgeous turtle puppet, great felt board, and perfect book choices… Did you know I had a turtle in a bathtub named Tiny Tim (really I did!). Great job you are doing for these little ones, Miss Madelyn! 🙂

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