Teen Movie and a Craft-5th Wave

This month’s teen movie and a craft we watched the 5th Wave and it was difficult for me to figure out what kind of craft to do for this program.  When I searched 5th Wave Crafts all that came up in google was my advertisements for my program 🙂



So I decided to make alien UFO ships because the premise of the 5th Wave is that aliens are taking over the world.  We made UFO/Alien Satellites.  It was a great recycle project.  We used water bottles, paper plates, paint, and hot glue.




First we cut the water bottle in half and cut off the part that has the label on it.  Then I had the kids paint the outsides of the plates, and their water bottles with any designs that they want.  Then once the paint is dry we used hot glue to glue the plates together and the water bottles to the plates.




TIP: I would have the adult help with the hot glue gun because of it being hot but also because it can easily melt the water bottles.  I would advise you put the glue on the plate where you are going to put the water bottle.



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