Getting the Word Out….

Over the past few months I have been trying to come up with different ideas to get more teens into our teen space and therefore increase circulation.  I have decorated the teen room and done lots of different passive programs, and it is working 🙂

ALA’s YALSA comes out with the Teens’ Top Ten List every year and they way they produce this is by the TEENS! First, special teen groups come up with 26 candidates for the top ten and then teens all over the country read these candidates.  In August the voting polls open up online for teens to be able to get their voice heard!

I wanted to get my teens involved in this awesome project.  So I printed out the list of twenty six books.  Half of them I already had and the other half I ordered for our collection.  I then printed out the labels to distinguish them as a special collection. IMG_0564

I wanted the teens who took these books out to have the info they needed without having to ask at the desk so I made up a inside flyer that would give them the basics and then they could always come and ask if they need more details.  I will be advertising this collection at my Forever Young Book Club, which is a book club for adults who like to read YA fiction, and at my Youth Advisory Council.  I think this will help increase circulation because the teens will be excited to participate in the poll.


As an extra incentive I am going to make it so that if the teens read these certain books over the summer they will get extra raffle tickets and if they participate in the poll I will give them a special prize.



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