Rockin’ Readers-Chicken Dance Day

Rockin’ Readers is a great program that was given to me when I got my Children Services job.  It is an afterschool program for K-2nd graders and is lots of fun, very chaotic but fun!  I have about 20 to 30 K-2nd graders that come to this weekly program so you can imagine the energy flowing, more likely bouncing, around the room 🙂

This week’s theme was the same as my toddler storytime, Chicken Dance Day.  Rockin’ Readers is a bit different than my toddler storytime because I don’t do any songs or flannel boards.  Instead I insert a game and a craft along with 3 to 4 books that I read out loud to them.

The Plan

  1. Trivia! 🙂
  2. Book One: Chicks and Salsa by: Aaron Reynolds
  3. Book Two: The Buk Buk Buk Festival by: Mary Jane and Herm Auch
  4. The CRAFT: Hand Print Chicks
  5. The GAME: Egg Shell Towers
  6. SNACK 🙂
  7. Book Three: Big Chickens Fly the Coop by: Leslie Helakowski
  8. Learning the chicken dance
  9. FREEZE Dane: Chicken Dance Edition


The kids LOVED the first two books.  They were completely interested and were very well behaved.  I try to be as animated as I can during the reading because I know that they have so much energy and it is hard for them to sit still.  I also bring them into the stories by trying to pick stories that say same lines, or leave cliff hangers on each page so that the kids can be interactive.

*Chicks and Salsa is a favorite of mine and is very funny.  It would be a great book for a food storytime as well.


*The Buk Buk Buk Festival is another favorite of mine and it was great to read to the kids because I got to ask tons of questions like, “Do chickens read?” “Do chickens write?”.  This was a great read about a chicken who is an author of the book, ‘Chickergarten’.  I definitely recommend it! 🙂



Then we did the craft, hand print chicks.  I had all of the circles traced so that the kids could just cut them out and I had construction paper folded in half so that the kids could easily trace their hands and cut only once and still get two hand prints.  Then you glue the hand prints to the back of the chick with the thumbs down as the feet of the chick.  After gluing the kids can draw whatever kind of face they want with markers or crayons.


As kids got done with the craft I had groups of four play the Plastic Egg Stacking Game, which is a great STEM activity.  I had them build the highest tower they could in thirty seconds with their group.  Not many could get their tower to stand for very long.  It was much harder than they thought but the kids really liked it and wanted to keep playing so it was a success!


Then I read the last book, ‘Big Chickens Fly the Coop’.  This was my least favorite of the three but it was still a funny book and the kids liked it because they got to guess what crazy things the chickens were going to do next.


Lastly I taught the kids how to do the chicken dance and then I played the chicken dance music out loud and had a practice round.  Then the GAMES BEGAN, we played FREEZE dance until only one was left!

It was a great Rockin’ Readers program!

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