Toddler Storytime….Chicken Dance Day

Toddler story time today was a definite adventure.  Today’s theme was Chicken Dance Day.  My plan was:

  1. Welcome Song
  2. Lamp Chop Puppet Hello
  3. Peep and Ducky Book
  4. I’m a Little Chick Rhyme
  5. Number Flannel Board and Read ‘One Little Chicken’
  6. Mama Hen Puppet with Flannel Egg/Chicks Set
  7. ‘Chicky Chicky Chook Chook’ Book
  8. Laminated Chicks Rhyme
  9. Chicken Dance Youtube
  10. Lamb Chop Goodbye
  11. Goodbye Song

The toddlers were not very interested in any of the books today so I was very happy that I had lots of rhymes, songs, and dances planned to keep them entertained.  Week to week it differs what they feel like.  So it is best to have lots of options to do based on how you feel story time is going.

Lamp Chop is always a huge hit and all of the kids loved her.  The books were okay, I think they just weren’t that interested in sitting still.  They were more interested in moving and grooving so I went right into the Little Chick Rhyme, to the tune of I’m a Little Teapot, which I did movements with.

“I’m a little Chick inside an egg” -Arms up into a circle

“I’m always sleeping, snoring away” -Sleeping sign (hand up to face like you are sleeping)

“Soon you’ll hear a pecking, pecking sound” -Knocking sing

“My egg will crack and I’ll jump out” -Put your hands back in circle up in the air, break arms apart, and jump in the air


Then I had each toddler take a flannel board number and I read “One Little Chicken” which has a different number for each page.  So the kids came up one at a time when it was their turn according to the story.

IMG_0536rooster puppet

I was going to do two separate activities with the flannel board and the puppet but instead I connected them.  The toddlers each took an egg and I had mama hen puppet out.  Then we sang, “The Hen on the Nest” to the tune of Wheels on the Bus.

“The Hen on the nest goes cluck, cluck, cluck. Cluck, cluck, cluck. Cluck, cluck, cluck.  The Hen on the nest goes cluck, cluck, cluck, until she lays an egg.”

As we sang the song the toddlers came up two at a time and put eggs on the flannel board.

Then we read, ‘Chicky Chicky Chook Chook’.  It was good, but because of the toddlers being all over the place I had them tell me what animals were on each page and what sound they make.

Then I had laminated chicks and each toddler took one and we did a rhyme that they acted out.

“Put your chicks up, put your chicks down. Hold your chicks close and turn around.  Put your chicks up, put your chicks down, and put your chick on the ground”

They loved having their own chicks to act with.

Then we did the chicken dance to a toddler youtube video and that was the favorite of the day I think.

Lastly Lamp Chop came out and hugged everyone goodbye and we sang our goodbye song.  It was an awesome (and chaotic) story time 🙂


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