Books, Authors, and Teens…OH MY!

Saturday was an amazing day for me and for my teens from the library! We went to the Rochester Teen Book Fest at Nazareth College.  It was MAYHEM but fun mayhem and it was FREE to attend.  When the word FREE is in the event and there is AMAZING authors there you better believe that everyone will flock in by the bus load!


It was an amazing experience to get to hear the authors speak about how they write and basically make us all realize that they are real people, just like us! There were break out sessions all day where you could pick and choose what authors you wanted to see.  Then there were food trucks there for lunch, and finally there was time at the end of the day to get your books you bought signed by your favorite authors.

BIG TIP: The only way to get all of the books you want signed signed is by planning it with your group members to tag team.  Each of us took a stack of books to each author and that way we all got our books signed.  Most of the authors are awesome about signing more than one book for you.  It was extra cool though to get to meet your favorite authors as you got your books signed.  ALWAYS ask if you can take a picture with them because that is extra cool!

LIBRARIES: In order to make this trip happen for your teens you have to collaborate with local community groups.  It is a FREE festival to get into but you have to pay for the transportation to get there.  I was lucky to be able to collaborate with a local grant funded program that works with our library and they paid for this trip.  Next year to get more teens to go I will be working with my local high school librarian to get more schools in the area involved.

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