Mad Scientist Club

I have developed a Mad Scientist Club for grades K-2nd that meets monthly and the kids are loving it! Today was the day I learned a great lesson…Do the project fully before doing an experiment.  Never trust the internet, they always tell you…Today I did and I shouldn’t have.


Rainbows was the topic I picked.  We discussed as a group what makes a rainbow, what colors are in it, and what is the weather usually when a rainbow is out.  Then I read an adorable magic ribbon book, “How to Make a Rainbow”, and then the kids watched the Magic School Bus makes a rainbow episode.  That went great! Then came the interesting part of our club…..dun dun dun.

Rainbow in a Jar is what we were suppose to be making…Perfect, magical, and happy looking right?

magic jar

Let’s just say it didn’t work out that way…..

epic fail

I found the instructions to make the rainbow jar online and it said to do a different amount of colored skittles in each cup.  So 10 for red, 8 for yellow, 6 for orange, and etc.  Then you pour hot water on them to melt the skittles.  The different amount of sugars should make it so that they sit on top of each other.


The kids had lots of fun counting out the skittles but the skittles didn’t fully melt.  Then when the kids used pipettes to try and put the different layers of colors in, they just mixed all together.

Even though the project seemed like an epic fail it was a great opportunity for me to teach the kids about coming up with a hypothesis, doing many different experiments to see what methods work, and then coming up with a solution/conclusion.

Next month we are making play dough and they were very excited about this so they still had a great time thankfully!


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