My Official First Storytime as Miss Madelyn

For my story times I have a theme for every week that I work with and this week was FOOD!  Next time I should bring snacks because the kids were so hungry through out the entire program!

I have a schedule that I made for each weekly story time and I try to stick to it but things change during the story time as you start to feel out how the kids are doing.  This week’s schedule went well.  First I start out with our welcome song which I got from Jbrary’s Youtube Channel, “Clap and Sing Hello”, which goes with the tune of Farmer and the Dell.

“We Clap and Sing Hello, We Clap and Sing Hello, With our friends at Storytime, We clap and sing Hello”.  Then you insert stomp hello and wave hello for the next two verses.  I will keep this same welcome song so that they will be able to sing with me as we continue our story times together.


Next I bring out my adorable Lamb Chop puppet that all of the kids (and parents) loved! I tell the kids that Lamb Chop is my special story time friend and she takes a nap during story time, let’s all make the sign of sleeping, so we have to be quiet so she can sleep.  This is great because it helps the kids to contain themselves and pay attention to story time a bit more.  It gears the whole group inward towards me.  Then Lamb Chop goes into my bag for a nap with the promise to the kids that she will come out and give everyone hugs at the end of story time.


Then I begin with my first book, “If You Give A Dog A Donut”, which was a huge hit.  I first asked the kids who had dogs and we talked about each of them and then I asked if they fed their dogs donuts??! Of course not! Then I read the book.


After the first book to get the kids back involved I brought out another special friend, The Very Hungry Caterpillar puppet.  We talked about what happens to caterpillars.  First they are a caterpillar and then they eat to get big and strong, become cozy in their cocoon, and then break out into a very healthy and beautiful butterfly.  Then we learn the story of our very special friend, The Very Hungry Caterpillar.



The kids really loved the book.  They came up and counted the fruits on the page, and were able to tell me what each fruit was, which got them warmed up for our next activity.


The Magic Rainbow Flannel Board.  The kids and the parents loved this one! I found lots of different blogs that had this idea and watched a youtube of someone doing it and I fell in love with it! I brought a pot and a wooden spoon from home and put the rainbow strands in the pot before I began.  You don’t want any of the kids to peak and see inside your pot so hide it before story time begins.  When it was time for this activity I put each fruit on the board as the kids told me what each one was.  Then I put one at a time in my pot and said,

“We will put the red apple into my magic pot.  We stir and stir and stir it a lot and what do we get the most beautiful red you ever did see”

So for every different fruit you put their name in and their color.  The kids loved the magic of it and were very entertained.  Great flannel board!


Then we sang, “Do you know the Muffin Man”.  We clapped through it and sang through the whole song twice so that the kids had a chance to become comfortable with it. Then read the book, “Happy Birthday Cupcake”, which had a muffin in it! The parents like this book more than the kids I think.  It was a little bit too much I think for the kids of this age group.



Then the last book I read was “The Best Smelling Alphabet Book Ever”.  I adjusted it to The Best Tasting Alphabet Book Ever when I told the kid what we were reading.  Before we read I had the kids identify the color and letter of each piece of my alphabet flannel board and they did pretty well! Some of the kids knew only their colors and some knew their alphabet so it worked out great.  Then we read the book.  It wasn’t my favorite book because some of the words were a bit too much for that age group but the kids liked all of the food references.


Lastly we sang our goodbye song which is almost the same as our hello song except with a slight twist.”We clap Goodbye like this, we clap goodbye like this, we clap goodbye at story time, we clap goodbye like this.”Then you insert the same different words into the verse: stomping and waving.


The kids favorite part was Lamb Chop came back out to say goodbye and give lots of hugs! Overall my first official story time went amazing! Can’t wait for next week 🙂

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