Maker Day… The Beginnings

I am creating a Maker Space at my library where I work in Teen Services so I have a monthly Maker Day  program that is getting the teens to be involved with different pieces of our Maker Space in the works.

This month we worked with Google Cardboard and the kids asked to use the button maker from last month’s program.  The Google Cardboard was a hit! My biggest advice is to have the kids pre register for this program so that they have all the google cardboard apps they want downloaded way before the program.  It was difficult because it took a lot of time for some of the apps to download for the teens to use.  They had a ball though once they were downloaded.  Most of the fun happened after the official program was over because it took that long for their apps to download.

I have received $1000 grant to start up my maker space by purchasing 2 Kano Kits, 1 3Doodler Pen, and 2 Stop Animation Studio kits.  Also have received approval from my board to make the larger purchase of a 3D printer and an iMac, so my Maker Space plans are moving right along.  There will be lots of updates in the future on this!

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