I Speak for the Trees :)


He stated that he spoke for the trees! The Lorax visited my K-5th graders today at the library.  He spread his hope of an amazing world filled with beautiful Truffaluff Trees.  April having a very special day of celebration of our world, Earth Day, I wanted to have an event that would let the kids learn about how to make a difference in our world while having fun!

I came up with making Truffaluff pencils that would remind the kids about our program when they used them.  It was much harder than I thought to make these pencils.  Trial and error for sure on these.  First I will tell you how I did it and then explain what I would do next time to make these more successful.

I bought regular number two pencils that are shiny and orange.  These didn’t like to be painted  because they needed many layers but they also needs tons of time to dry.  Dry time is not included in the short program time that we had today.    After the painting we then put tacky glue onto the top of the pencils and attached the multi-colored boa feathers to the top.  This part was easy to do and was successful.

So, next time I would either sand the pencils first or buy pencils that were natural wood so that the paint could attach to them better.


After the kids put the first layer of paint on the pencil we watched “The Lorax” and then took breaks to put multiple layers on the pencil and attach the boa feathers to the top.


After the movie and the craft we still had time in the program so I got to read “The Lorax” to the kids.  It was a great program!





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