May The Force Be With You

My teens wanted to have a Star Wars program as soon as we heard what the release date was for the new Star Wars DVD, The Force Awakens. I do a monthly program with the teens, Movie and a Craft. I show a new release movie and do a fun and hopefully easy craft with them. Most crafts seem very easy until you start doing them with the teens so I recommend figuring out your craft fully before going in to the program(PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE)

So  my research on a Star Wars craft began. I had many requests for light sabers. Oh boy, really, light sabers ?? Why not something with perler beads?? Not cool enough. Well I dug into finding a light saber craft that was easy on my program budget, was quick and easy, and would be loved by the teens.

Many of the light sabers that I found were very expensive or too time intensive for this program. I took a few of the ideas I found and made my own quick and easy light saber that was loved by all ! I found all of my supplies at Walmart and spent less than thirty dollars for ten participants.  I bought one roll of metallic silver duck tape, ten of the long skinny bubble blowers, and a ten pack of mini LED flashlights(with batteries included in kit).

So set up for the program is much more time intensive then any of the program itself. Take all of the bubble blowers and dump out the bubble solution and rinse out very well. Then take off any stickers that are on the tubes, you will need goo gone for this step. Once all done set up tubes upside down so that they will dry out before the program.  Set up all flashlights to make sure that they are working correctly and are ready for the teens to work with.

Now to the fun stuff ! Make sure that the DVD is working correctly with DVD player and television right before teens arrive. Once the teens got there I did an example for them and then they went to work pretty quick. This is probably the easiest craft I have done with them in a while. All you do is put the LED flashlight pointing upward into the hole part of the bubble blower tube. Then when you are holding these two parts together you use the metallic duck tape to attach them. Do this neatly because it will be apart of your light saber. Make sure to use enough tape so that it is sturdy enough that it will stay together long after the program.

This program was a great success, it was very inexpensive and the kids loved it. The only thing I would change is maybe the day and time for the program. I had it during their school break which made my attendance low. I am also playing around with the idea of having online sign up sheets or sign up sheets at the desk just to get a better handle on how many teens will be at the program. The only problem with that this sometimes it makes it so that teens don’t end up coming because they didn’t sign up. I will keep you updated !

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